Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear John Joyce:

Yeah! Today I got the lip piercing I've been going back and forth about for a while now. I will post a picture as soon as I have one.
Anyway, it was easy and feels great now. I'm sure it will start bothering me eventually, but it's been almost three hours and not a lot is happening.
I always get so nervous about piercings, I don't know why. I started getting nervous today, and John was like, "hey, remember that thing we did on your arm? Or how about your nostril piercings." And I'm like, yeah okay. But I'm still scared of needles. But, it felt good as always and having some metal in my mouth for the first time is awesome.
Also, gave myself my fun summer hair cut today. It looks good. needs a bit of retouching. It's so cute, though, so I'm still struggling with whether or not I should bleach any of it.
Went to the mall to visit CMC today... briefly.
This is such a strange and awkward situation that I'm getting myself into and I'm right now trying to decide if I'm still involved because I like him, or because I like to figure stuff out and that that is more interesting than the actual person/relationship.
Here's the optimal man/lady: (paraphrased from a conversation with P.Hill)
Must like animals, children, and the idea of getting married...
Must be ideologically in line with me, because I find arguing about moral or theoretical standpoints boring. However, I do enjoying talking about issues in an agreeable way.
Would optimally be passionate about body modification, at the very least have and love tattoos.
Enjoy, and not be ashamed by my "disabilities"
Not ascribe to the typical ideas about success or achievement.
If it is a man, would be open and willing to grow a beard. Also, interesting facial hair arrangements, on my whims.
Must love food and cook well.
Is interested in moving to the country, going off the grid, raising our children as wood nymphs, and "owning" an organic farm.
Never raises the "mac vs. PC" argument, because clearly recognizes the superiority of macs. Also, Volkswagens.
Ok. I looked up the ACTUAL chat P.Hill and I had (cause I'm that much of a nerd... that's right, they're logged. Think about that)
so, I quote:
P.Hill: what are you looking for exactly?
Me: um, someone with good teeth, eyes that are not too close together, willingness to grow a beard but also to trim it. I would prefer that he had a child over one, but no baby mama drama.
can cook, may have the whimsical idea that he wants to move into the country and start an organic farm.
can in now way have any conservative tendencies at all
including any silly ideas about monogamy
must never say anything cliche.

I'm glad I'm not on a bus, singing anything.

I am hungry.

Love you.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Staying with Brenna and Danielle is still awesome. Last night there was a super sweet awesome Merit show, where they played the entire Blue album. I sang the whole CD also. It was Hans' birthday and he showed up.
I have to stop being a nerd.
Look at how cute this little mouse is.

Thursday, May 3, 2007



So much has happened in very few days, and I haven’t blogged about ANY of it. Sunday: I worked. I went to the Magnetic Pull/Camp Camp show at Ohm, which was an adventure. I received two toy aeroplane devices that I think I left on the table. I met a man who lives above Caleb Micah Coy and he had been electrocuted! That was exciting. He had to go home early, though, because his skull hurt and maybe the aliens were speaking to him through his newly found electromagnetic field? I made the second part up, but it can’t be far from the truth. I also made up with Pete K. by giving him his very favorite alarm clock back, which I had Brandon wrap up for me. For this reason: I felt like Brandon would be a bad wrapper and also have something funny to write on it. He wrote on one side: See other side. And on the other side? “Here’s your clock. See you around.” Which was hilarious at the time. The wrapping job was also horrible. If you wonder why I’ve written that word so many times, it’s because I’m amused by it sounding like “rapping” and it’s funny to think about Brandon rapping while wrapping an alarm clock.
So after that I went back to Danielle and Brenna’s, where I am staying for the time being, until Michael Harrington can move out. I still go back to my apartment a few hours a day, but I can’t deal with the at night drink-a-thon, which always ends with me getting yelled at and placating one Michael Harrington. Done, Next.
I didn’t sleep well, and met up with said CMC for half price sushi, which was a very strange and awkward situation. Very hilarious. Went to Sound Garden after that and demonstrated my inability to use my words and also that we have opposite tastes in music (and comic books). Came back here after a shower and watched Metalacalypse with Brenna.
I can’t really remember what else happened on Monday. Oh! I went out to dinner with Michael which was okay. Spinach dip and cheeseburgers. No amount of estrangement can ruin that. Went home and fed the left overs to the humanimals and then came back here and watched 20 greatest Metal Bands countdown on VH1 classic. Also, a bit of Spinal Tap.
Overall, a metal day.
Yesterday, I went home around noon, napped and watched a little CSI:. Michael and I went to Brueggars. Went to Wegmans and bought some more cheese, some shampoo, two new toothbrushes. Purell, and lotion. (aren’t you excited??). went to sociology but skipped Biology to meet Margret at a Wine Tasting at Al’s (the other underground night scene says Alto Cinco Late Nite: buggers I say). Had a little wine and then went to the Dinosaur, where Margret had never been. Had fried green tomatoes for the fist time (highly recommended) and pork sandwich platter. We rolled ourselves back here and watched some cable television (including a ninja mythbusters, which margret declared the nerdiest thing ever, and I loved). I then went to CMCs to watch some James Bond movie which I hated but whatever..
This morning Liz L. woke me up and I just got to walk into the kitchen and ask Megan something! It was awesome. Then Brenna made delicious breakfast and then I went home to shower and see everyone and came back here and tried to study while Brenna practices the Blue album for the show on Saturday (which is going to be awesome). We are going to buy some shoes shortly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ooooh digestion

I thought I'd take a minor break from the horrendously boring digestive system (after I ate some delicious nachos.... you know, hands on learning), have a beer, and write a blog. And then maybe enter some poetry in the the other blog perhaps?

So, last night was Liz's birthday party at Ohm, which was fun. I came in and Sam was there, excited to see me. I'm getting more used to him, I actually do like him. I just have a very hard time understanding him.

Also, Caleb came down, which was at first, incredibly awkward. I have had like, a mini crush on him for EVER. Since literally the day I moved in to 226 Miles Ave. I am so surprised after all the weird shit I said/did to/around him he was still willing to meet up with us. It did get better though and we had fun.

Haha, afterwards, Liz and Margret gave me a big lecture on how he was very handsome and incredibly nice and that I should, under no circumstances, mess up the chance to hang out with him. Margret said that if I did mess it up, she would still talk to me but be disappointed. Ah well.

Oh, also, the drunk neurologist read my palm, and was incredibly accurate about a lot of my personality traits... she also said that I would live an exceptionally long and healthy life. Goddamnit.

I have to go get groceries and really hope that Wegmans will not only accept my check but also let me write it for over so I can have cash for tonight! I also think I'm going to pick up some bleach and do some hair bleaching... and put some red and purple in it?
My hair is such an incredible awkward length and I really want to do something but I CAN NOT cut it. I have to let it grow. So, bleach it is.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dear Beautiful Days:

Yesterday I finally got out and got the front "garden" and yard cleaned up. What a relief! Now, if only there were some way to get the beer bottles from piling up... I need like, shrub cutters or something. I also need some fencing. I want to get the backyard trimmed down so onyx can cruise back there with the cats.
I'm incredibly tired today... The theory we have worked up is tha twe were all abducted by aliens.
Here are some pictures from yesterday.
mostly they are of skeletor, because he is the perfect cat model. meow!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

girls from ohio are crazy.

it is so incredibly beautiful today.
I hung my laundry off the back porch for the first time this season...
I think michael found a new apartment. That will be such a relief. My resolve is weakening a little bit. I think mostly it's because I really have no interest in anyone else... I have become so insular. I need to branch out and find more interesting people and places.
It would really help to have a little more money.
Over a week ago, my finger got slammed very hard in a door. It is still really hurting me and I'm debating what to do. It's very hard to work. I'm going to see how tonight goes, possibly go to prompt care on monday.
I'm a little lonely.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

sorostitute? no.

soooo I just had this conversation:
pete: fanpop?
me: what?
me: you're so creepy

which led me to google my real name, which led to this:
The final proof that I was in a sorority. Check out my name on this membership list!
(I guess this also constitutes proof I went to cornell!) And, to back that up, I dug up some old sorority pictures, just for you. (I will warn you, I was much skinnier then)(also, significantly less tattoos.)

Cornell used the above picture in an anti-binge drinking campaign...

never trust men with a bud ice light sign who give you mich ultra. Ever.

look at my long hair! spring formal

I have a von Drunk hat that my boyfriend never let me wear out
beer pong CHAMPS.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dear Iraq:

Well... the next million years of my life seem to be planned out. Okay, that's not true. But until December, yes, those months are planned.

Here is my school schedule for the summer:
(it may help to imagine this as a chart)
English: mon/wed 6-8:15pm
Bio 101: t/th 6-8:15pm
Bio 101 lab: t/th 8:30-10:30pm

Here is my school schedule for the fall:
(again, the chart. it may help.)
Spanish: m/w 7:30-8:50pm
Math: t/th 4-5:55pm
Geography: t 6:30-9:30 (that's right, that's for you thor)
Cultural Anthropology: th 6-8:50pm

perfect, yes? and I will be working friday and saturday 4:30-11+ and sunday 4:30-10+
so essentially, if you need me before 3pm I will be asleep. so you can't have me.

Um, things between Michael and I have utterly disintegrated to the point where we can't even be around each other without killing each other. Or, trying to. That sucks. So, he's actively looking for an apartment to move to.
I am really going to miss Trotsky. He and I have had the exact opposite relationship curve as Michael and I and I regret that I can no longer be his mommy.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting any real pictures, I promise I will soon.

Also, Thor, I am sending your package very soon.

hearts and stars for all.

(the fucking champs CD out on the 24th. be there or be square)

Monday, April 9, 2007


for the news to be over.
So... I'm getting a little fed up with downtown. I want to be at Taps, on a Monday, every single day. I'm taking a few days off, I think.
I have this huge biology test tomorrow and thus far have not really been able to rally myself to care about it enough to really study.
I have this stupid thing going on at work right now, and it's becoming very consuming. What SHOULD I do about it! I think that's what is really making life so tedious right now. That, and downtown is such a meat market and I don't really give a shit about that yet. I make minor efforts but there is almost always something that immediately makes me hate someone right away.
Michael and I spent easter fixing our furnace, which had been broken for a few very cold days, and cleaning the house, which looks great. I re-organized the front closet made a new shoe-organization system, and also re-organized my books, general themes by shelf, starting at the edges and working in. Re-organized the reference volumes by subject and size.
Watched a really amazing Jonestown Massacre special on PBS tonight, it was incredible. I really didn't know anything about it in the first place. Such an upsetting story! We taped it, so I'll be watching it again.
Oh my gosh, I think on the news I just saw a puppy with his back paws cut off!
Skeletor is beginning to go outside. He's still very scared of it and I get quite worried for him. He's afraid of the dark, so I get very concerned when he's stuck outside at night.
He still spends his nights with me. He's my protector! Right now he's sleeping on top of a pile of clothes on my dresser and stretching out like a king.

Useful tool of the day:
wine key.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

i made you a cd

life has become a series of laying in bed and avoiding.
my little brother told me, through the anonymity of instant messaging and horrible spelling, that he was afraid to deeply examine his life. that he was afraid of what he might find.
I say, welcome, jon, to adulthood in the Padgett tradition.
Welcome, pillbox, to next-to-my-computer.
Welcome, enablers.
Welcome, social butterflies.
I will tell you when to go.
I will not tell you to go.
I will say, through drunken veils, through strange i-missed-you-but-don't-care-about-you-anymore conversations.
Syracuse, my humiliation follows me everywhere in you.
Syracuse, I do not belong here or anywhere,
but especially not here,
Where Korean business men can say "adios," after buying me expensive wine.
When a mix CD is a threat (and well enough)

and here, a drink to

thank god for great guitar rifts, or

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Thunderclouds:

you with your fervor eyes you. you man siren. this time I am listening. I will make up for that day you slept in the grass with Onyx. Just for a moment. I will come back to my lonely life quietly. I will wait for the next time the rain sneaks up behind me and then I will think of you.
* * *

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

List A

  • I'm doing this as a list because that makes me feel better
  • which leads me to my next thought, or, first thought
  • I'm thinking about going into therapy. Can I do that? I don't know. my weird control issues and compusliveness/neurotic behavior are starting to really impact me.
  • also, I haven't been eating as much (thank god)
  • also, it is so hard to get out of bed these days!
  • plus, there is this constant humming in my head that sounds just like the buddha box but that I think may be my blood pressure
  • Onyx never looks at me like that anymore
  • forget that, she just did.
  • maybe just needs to go out?
  • sometimes Phill says exactly the wrong thing
  • also, I have a problem where I can get sick of someone, forever, in just an instant
  • there is nothing they can do to change that.
  • I'm making friends.
  • I'm so fake.
  • I can't make friends, not really. I can pretend I'm making friends but I just
  • get so paranoid that they know, that they can see I feel absolutely nothing about them
  • there comes a time when I slip, and forget to smile or laugh or listen
  • or get out of bed and meet them somewhere.
  • and I never call back.
  • Sometimes, I'll talk. And it feels hollow, like, do I even know if what I'm saying is true?
  • I just listen to myself talk, and
  • it's so stupid. I say stupid things.
  • My ambitions are empty because really I don't have any.
  • I am motivated by fear, or anger, or paranoia, or revenge. To prove something, even though no one is ever looking.
  • I'm sure there are people who think I act crazy as a mask,
  • but it's not! it's the part where the mask slips a little.
  • In my head, I am just running down one long hallway,
  • slamming doors.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not this time.

Putting off going to school until my clothes are dry. is that shallow? I don't know.
It's so nice out today! We have some windows open and Trotsky is just running around the house crying. I can't believe I have class. Ugh.
We split our rooms up again. I can't deal with waiting for the other shoe to drop any more. I want to be happy. So, we'll see how this goes. Hopefully this has been going on for so long that all the anger is winding down and it will not come to a shoot out.
I think the biggest problem is that I always want to know what's going on, what he's doing. I have to stop that. Stop being angry or vengeful now.
Have been hanging out with the Pastabilities people a lot lately. I really like them! I'm surprised to find not mean and at the worst only mildley neurotic girls. I always take up with the craziest ones and then I get run over like a fucking tornado hit me when I wasn't looking. Hopefully these girls are stable enough that that won't happen.
It's nice to have my own sort of place. Alto Cinco is so fucking uncomfortable these days. Everyone has sided with Harrington, because obviously he could not have been the one who was wrong or hurtful. Obviously it was me. People think, I believe, that because I'm not a big emoter, not a lot of visible empathy, that I am capable of monstrosities. Maybe I am. Maybe I do have a black hole for a heart. Maybe I really am just empty. A vortex.
But that is not what happened this time.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

It's my party...

So, I had the worst birthday, ever.
The night of the 27th, I hung out with a bunch of my friends, which was really nice. All good dudes, would not have had it any other way. I was really stressed out and my ears were bothering me, so I was kind of just grumpy but it was so nice to have them around. Went back to Scott and Koala's house and we spent some good quality time.
For my birthday, John came over and dropped off some sweet presents (a pair of plugs, Porno by Irving Welsh, and a new long sleeve Scarab t-shirt) and I got to see him for a bit. That was nice! Then I went out to dinner with my family. We went to appeThaizing, which was exciting. I couldn't get anything really spicy because my mouth is acting up, but here's what we had:

Calamazing: some pretty good calamari, with a sort of tempura-textured batter (it was little heavy to be tempura, I'm not sure what it was). It was pretty good but a little cold. Served with a chili sauce (heavier than the other sauces)

These were called appethaizing rolls. I wish I had gotten a good description from the menu, but they were basically really good spring rolls with pork. These were the highlight of the meal. Nice light chili sauce on the side.

I had Pad Pak with beef for my entree. It was slated to come with a brown sauce, which I thought would be thicker but was basically water. Not a lot of flavor. The beef was also uninteresting, I think it was essentially boiled in the watery sauce (the whole thing felt boiled, not sauteed - too much water in the wok??). Also, I can not really respect any dish that comes with peas. Peas are the cheap filler of the 50's, and I hate it when people use them in dishes like this. Also, there were these weird grilled grape tomato halves, which could've added a nice acid but didn't. The bok choy was definitely the highlight of the dish (but I have such a soft spot for bok choy). The straw mushrooms tasted canned.

After dinner, we went to a lecture by Wade Davis, which was fascinating. It would have been way better if my jerk of a brother was not sitting next to me letting out heaving sighs and asking loudly when we could leave.
Fuck, have some respect.

I got a bunch of books, including two books that I got from the lecture.... Also, I received the necklace my mom and I designed to put the Hawaiian pearls in. Now, my mom, my grandmother and I all have necklaces from pearls we got in Hawaii. There's not a lot of stuff like that in my family, so that was nice.

When I got home, my car was missing. It had been towed. I have to go spend my birthday money getting it out of impound in an hour. Hooray.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Okay, I feel better.

Thanks, YouTube, for representing both sides of awesome.

Look dad, I'm being viral! (I think?)

That is amazing. Usually, I do not support wikipedia but if only they had used it! I found this also, it was on the video....
Also, I bring you: How to Dress Emo 2.0 and The Emo Kit. I have a white studded belt... but it doesn't fit anymore. Anyway, my NEW studded belt is all black... to match my soul. And my nerdy glasses are for READING. geeze.....
Just in case this ridiculousness bothers you as much as me... ;) *

*that emoticon is a disclaimer... meaning, please, do not blame me for giving you the instructions on how to slit your wrists, ever, and also, if you are a government agency, here is where I am saying "I am not responsible for that. I did not make anyone do anything!"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow a lot has happened since my last post.

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day Blizzard!

Since I last wrote, Trotsky almost died! Michael and I almost broke up forever!

Drama, always.

Anyway, Trotsky (3 days in the vet and $700 later...) is recovering.

Things between Micael and I are better than ever.

It is snowing, a lot.

I really hope these miracle snow days are going to last forever. Or at least, until tomorrow. Because I have a test tomorrow, a test next Tuesday, and a test Thursday. So I would really appreciate getting basically a 5 day extension. I want to study a lot more for my biology exam than I have been able to.

These pictures that you see are from the Great Family Snow Walk, which we embarked upon a little earlier today. I wanted to practice using my camera, Michael wanted to continue being awesome at using his camera, and Onyx wanted to forge her own snow path.

Can I tell you that the snow is out of control? We shoveled this morning and then an hour later there were another 3 inches! But at least they've plowed the roads since the Great Excursion.
All of these pictures are mine. If you are really lucky, Michael may post HIS later.

*crosses fingers*

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm in the wrong racket.

I should be a vet.
Well, after extensive consideration and talking with my new friend Tammy (who is a receptionist at a vet's office) I decided to change vets for my dog Onyx.
I was going to my ex-roommates mom, but she is always so rude to me doesn't act like she likes Onyx. But, I got a discount!
Anyway, we've been taking the cats there over the last few months and they've been okay, but the vets are so brisk! And they don't really have a regard for what WE want as clients. My dog is my child! you can't just go, sticking medications in without my permission!
Anyway, Tammy suggested I go to her office.
Onyx has had a bladder infection for a while, and I asked the other vet about it and she wasn't very helpful. She hasn't been acting sick or anything, so I tried giving her more water and making sure she was getting outside enough. But with this cold weather, it just seemed to be getting worse.
So, we tried the new vet.
It was great! They were so friendly, and they LOVED onyx. They gave her treats and took her into the back (on a leash made out of water ski rope!!). They think she has a heart murmur, which is scary, but they gave us a lot of good tips in terms of skin care and weight loss. They assured me of the medication they were giving her (I really don't like medicating anyone for anything, but anti-biotics are okay, cause of her infecetion.) and explained everything to me, and said they were going to call me in two weeks and check up on her! Awesome! They also gave me the drug info for the medicine!

However, the vet bills!
$40.00 for the visit
$22.70 for the Urinalysis
$48.90 for the antibiotics
$30.40 for the painkillers

Healthy dog?
Just kidding, $142.00

But, it was worth it. Especially to get a good vet who made me feel GOOD about shelling out all that dough.

Oh, Also. I started school, and it is awesome. Okay, it's just school, but it's nice to be doing something.

I also got hired for a new job, for some inventory company. It's going to be boring slave work but at $8.50 and hour and all night shifts? can't complain!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

vintage mac games anyone?

Recently, I've been spending my days desperately seeking an OSX version of a game I played in my childhood called Star Runner (and also Crystal Quest, but Star Runner is the main prize). I thought for sure that it had enough cult appeal to be rebuilt.
I can't find it. Anywhere. Not even for 7.6.1 or 7.5.2. It doesn't exist anymore. I did find some pretty sweet quick time movies that brought back some old school memories.
I mentioned this conundrum to my father, who mention that HE STILL HAD THE ORIGINAL COMPUTER WITH ALL THE GAMES ON IT.
He has a few IIse's (even one system with the original carrying case!), but I'm going for the IIFX. Cause I like 'em wicked fast. Don't know what a IIFX is? Check out low end mac.
That's right. I'm just that nerdy.
okay, bye.

Monday, January 15, 2007

stoopid week

this week has been kind of weird and worthless. It seems now that there's a desk, m is all about the computer. Also, he just bought a video iPod. Great! yes. as you may imagine, that is now his girlfriend. I am just the computer manual. A friggen CUTE manual though.

I've just been getting reading for school, trying to get everything all organized and together. I got my classes all registered and set. I was really looking forward to taking a yoga class but they don't offer one. Okay. They offer ONE but it is on the friggen south side and during a day that I designated as a Work Day. I did get amazing class times, though. I was so worried I would HAVE to take classes in the morning but nien. I'm in school mondays 6-9p, Tues 2-7.30p, and Thurs 2-9.30p. sweet.

So, I've been looking for a job so I can have some of my own cash. Michael is so good about giving me money when I need it, but I hate doing that. Also, my mom has been paying stuff and giving me money and I totally appreciate it. so I'm not going to have to work too much, but I will have to work. Le sigh. There is time off, but no money to do fun things!!

I found an amazing volunteer opportunity. I usually do volunteer or activist work, and I haven't for the last 8-9 months or so, and I've been feeling pretty antsy about it. So the job is with Center for Community Alternatives (has a website, you can google it) as a mentor. It sounds really cool. It ties in really well with what I think I want to do.

IF THEY'LL LET ME. Lately, this whole no facial piercing, tattoos bit is making me crazy. I went to Eckerts the other day and I dealt with the most incompetent like, 14 year old girl in the pharmacy. Now, any of you who know me well enough will know that I firmly believe that Eckerts only hires the most exquisitely incompetent employees to begin with, but this girl took the cake.

The cake is gone.

But, it makes me wonder, does having this one little thing on my face or ink on my body make me LESS SUITED for that job? I have years of customer service experience and I can read. And answer a phone. Fuck, I can even field complaints and schedule. And add, and subtract. Weird, but true. They still won't hire me.

Their loss. One day I will own them. Or commit their children or something.


Anyway, I finally caved and put in an application for every scene kids have, DeWitt Wegmas.

Le Sigh.

David Letterman is on right now. I normally don't watch it. Does anyone else think that Paul should be killed? Does Letterman really need him? He adds nothing but a slick, gross, pompous undertone to the monologue. He's like, some weird queen from the seventies or something. One of those passive aggressive ones. That's like your grandma.
Does repeating what Letterman says HELP? No. It makes me homicidal.

Get out.
No, really.
Oh really?
Get out.

off to murder.

(band members should not do one liners.)

Monday, January 8, 2007

weekend recap

Sunday was supposed to be Little Christmas, where my family got together and had the big serious christmas dinner and gift exchange that we didn't have in Hawaii (cause who cares about presents when you're from CNY and you can see the beach from where you are sitting and it's like, 80 degrees?) I was excited because if there's anything I really like, it's giving presents. I'm serious. I really think about it. I try to spend some decent money, too. You know, so they know that even if it wasn't so thoughtful, at least it was expensive.

But apparently, I was the only one who wasn't sent the "we're not doing presents this year" memo. Cause, no one else gave any presents.
Oh well. At least I got my mom an "I GOT LEI'D" hawaiian license plate. Gnome Sane??

um, micheal and I have been getting along pretty grandly. it's been awesome. Anyway, we decided that we were going to recombine our rooms so that we would have a bedroom and an office, instead of having his-n-hers rooms. It's really really nice. We have a great little space in here (being the office) with the larger TV, the futon (sofa style), my drawing board (as a desk) and the computer. The bedroom is just a simple bedroom. It's nice.
It's kind of strange though, really sharing space again. To my left is his notebooks and to my right is the camera he's selling on ebay.

I'm currently unemployed. I LOVE not having to work. I wish I could somehow get money for this, but I can't. But I wish I could. I can't wait to see what being in school and unemployed concurrently will be like. I hope it works well. Although it probably will not last long (not being in school, just being unemployed).

I was really worried about working at OCC (which is kind of a ways away) because I didn't really want to be spending any extra time away from the house. I was worried that Onyx would start feeling sort of neglected, and wouldn't have someone around enough to meet her needs. She's 10, but you know, a little more aged than that and really needs the attention.
But michael is wonderful. He did a great job with her while I was in Hawaii so I have faith that if I work and go to school at the same time, he will be there to take up the slack. Sometimes she is ornery and he gets frustrated with her, but they are learning to live with each other.

and now I have two side notes.
I know this is a trashy and american thing for me to say, but here it is. I like Pizza Hut pizza best. and if you do too, I HIGHLY reccomend taking advantage of the $10.99 5 topping medium or large pizza. JUST DO IT. Get the large. it's bigger.

Also, food for thought:
me: I know it's your thing to find all my online stuff
pete: not as much as i used to
pete: once i decoded yor genome my time is more applicable to working on your clones.
me: whoa
pete: i feed them corn
me: oh my gosh, I had the funniest conversation about corn the other day
pete: you mean about how goverment subsidies were creating an artificial surplus?
me: no, about how I love canned corn, and also, pooping
pete: you are the poetic one
me: yes I am

Friday, January 5, 2007

slow day

Well, last night we ended up just staying in. m picked up a bottle of wine and we just relaxed with the cats. It was very nice.

Around 2:30am Dan came home drunk with some people and that kindof jolted us back into reality. This kind of thing is not by any means out of the ordinary, but lately it has been frustrating me a lot. I love Dan, but he has so little respect for the apartment and for us. Over the summer we all partied together all the time but I'm pretty tired of it. Plus, that was when the weather was nice, all our friends were around.

Lots of things have changed since then! m and I went through a rough spot a while ago and things are just now starting to level out. It comes down to, I keep mostly to myself now. Our friends have all sort of changed, adjusted. There are now two other houses that deal with the party scene now, and those being people that used to come here. Our friends. Now it's always just Dan's friends here, or m's. I really like most of m's friends, they are almost all solid dudes.
We have a spare room, that we have declared a kind of safe haven for kids who have had to much to drink, or for people from out of town to stay. Anyone who needs a place to stay is welcome. m and I generally keep it up, as it is sort of m's room (we keep seperate spaces, which is nice for now, although this is also something I've thought about changing.) but lately it has been kind of abused.

Anyway, dan's friends come over and drink and are loud and in the morning there is beer on the floor, cans everywhere, kids sleeping on couches, etc.

I've pretty much come to the end of the rope. I want to see dan put some effort into the house.
It's a nice apartment.

grr. Anyway, my concern is that I'm going back to school in a few weeks and I want a place to be able to relax, get my work done, and sleep.
Too much to ask for?

I didn't make it to coffee or the test. The alarm went off at 10am and I was just so wiped out from being kept up, and I am also still pretty sick. Just wanted to get some rest.

Big plans for the night: clean up the room, take care of cats. Trotsky came home yesterday with big fight marks on him and a big gash over his eye, so he's "grounded." We're keeping him inside until he heals up a little bit. Skeletor, our little guy, escaped through a window we had open due to freakishly warm temperatures and got into a big fight earlier this morning. No real wounds that we can find, but he was roughed up and muddy.

If m gets out of work early enough, we are going to see Children of Men, which looks good. Bladerunner of the 21st century? yeah, we'll be there.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

My First Time.

First blog entry, very exciting. m and I are both going to use this blog, we'll see what comes of it.
going to fiddle with this and my google stuff a little more and then I think we're going to go up the street and grab a couple drinks. I am still sick and I'm really tired. Can't stay out late, I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm meeting John for coffee and then I have to take my math placement test at OCC. Fucking sweet.
We'll see if I can weasel out of it.