Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm in the wrong racket.

I should be a vet.
Well, after extensive consideration and talking with my new friend Tammy (who is a receptionist at a vet's office) I decided to change vets for my dog Onyx.
I was going to my ex-roommates mom, but she is always so rude to me doesn't act like she likes Onyx. But, I got a discount!
Anyway, we've been taking the cats there over the last few months and they've been okay, but the vets are so brisk! And they don't really have a regard for what WE want as clients. My dog is my child! you can't just go, sticking medications in without my permission!
Anyway, Tammy suggested I go to her office.
Onyx has had a bladder infection for a while, and I asked the other vet about it and she wasn't very helpful. She hasn't been acting sick or anything, so I tried giving her more water and making sure she was getting outside enough. But with this cold weather, it just seemed to be getting worse.
So, we tried the new vet.
It was great! They were so friendly, and they LOVED onyx. They gave her treats and took her into the back (on a leash made out of water ski rope!!). They think she has a heart murmur, which is scary, but they gave us a lot of good tips in terms of skin care and weight loss. They assured me of the medication they were giving her (I really don't like medicating anyone for anything, but anti-biotics are okay, cause of her infecetion.) and explained everything to me, and said they were going to call me in two weeks and check up on her! Awesome! They also gave me the drug info for the medicine!

However, the vet bills!
$40.00 for the visit
$22.70 for the Urinalysis
$48.90 for the antibiotics
$30.40 for the painkillers

Healthy dog?
Just kidding, $142.00

But, it was worth it. Especially to get a good vet who made me feel GOOD about shelling out all that dough.

Oh, Also. I started school, and it is awesome. Okay, it's just school, but it's nice to be doing something.

I also got hired for a new job, for some inventory company. It's going to be boring slave work but at $8.50 and hour and all night shifts? can't complain!