Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow a lot has happened since my last post.

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day Blizzard!

Since I last wrote, Trotsky almost died! Michael and I almost broke up forever!

Drama, always.

Anyway, Trotsky (3 days in the vet and $700 later...) is recovering.

Things between Micael and I are better than ever.

It is snowing, a lot.

I really hope these miracle snow days are going to last forever. Or at least, until tomorrow. Because I have a test tomorrow, a test next Tuesday, and a test Thursday. So I would really appreciate getting basically a 5 day extension. I want to study a lot more for my biology exam than I have been able to.

These pictures that you see are from the Great Family Snow Walk, which we embarked upon a little earlier today. I wanted to practice using my camera, Michael wanted to continue being awesome at using his camera, and Onyx wanted to forge her own snow path.

Can I tell you that the snow is out of control? We shoveled this morning and then an hour later there were another 3 inches! But at least they've plowed the roads since the Great Excursion.
All of these pictures are mine. If you are really lucky, Michael may post HIS later.

*crosses fingers*