Monday, January 8, 2007

weekend recap

Sunday was supposed to be Little Christmas, where my family got together and had the big serious christmas dinner and gift exchange that we didn't have in Hawaii (cause who cares about presents when you're from CNY and you can see the beach from where you are sitting and it's like, 80 degrees?) I was excited because if there's anything I really like, it's giving presents. I'm serious. I really think about it. I try to spend some decent money, too. You know, so they know that even if it wasn't so thoughtful, at least it was expensive.

But apparently, I was the only one who wasn't sent the "we're not doing presents this year" memo. Cause, no one else gave any presents.
Oh well. At least I got my mom an "I GOT LEI'D" hawaiian license plate. Gnome Sane??

um, micheal and I have been getting along pretty grandly. it's been awesome. Anyway, we decided that we were going to recombine our rooms so that we would have a bedroom and an office, instead of having his-n-hers rooms. It's really really nice. We have a great little space in here (being the office) with the larger TV, the futon (sofa style), my drawing board (as a desk) and the computer. The bedroom is just a simple bedroom. It's nice.
It's kind of strange though, really sharing space again. To my left is his notebooks and to my right is the camera he's selling on ebay.

I'm currently unemployed. I LOVE not having to work. I wish I could somehow get money for this, but I can't. But I wish I could. I can't wait to see what being in school and unemployed concurrently will be like. I hope it works well. Although it probably will not last long (not being in school, just being unemployed).

I was really worried about working at OCC (which is kind of a ways away) because I didn't really want to be spending any extra time away from the house. I was worried that Onyx would start feeling sort of neglected, and wouldn't have someone around enough to meet her needs. She's 10, but you know, a little more aged than that and really needs the attention.
But michael is wonderful. He did a great job with her while I was in Hawaii so I have faith that if I work and go to school at the same time, he will be there to take up the slack. Sometimes she is ornery and he gets frustrated with her, but they are learning to live with each other.

and now I have two side notes.
I know this is a trashy and american thing for me to say, but here it is. I like Pizza Hut pizza best. and if you do too, I HIGHLY reccomend taking advantage of the $10.99 5 topping medium or large pizza. JUST DO IT. Get the large. it's bigger.

Also, food for thought:
me: I know it's your thing to find all my online stuff
pete: not as much as i used to
pete: once i decoded yor genome my time is more applicable to working on your clones.
me: whoa
pete: i feed them corn
me: oh my gosh, I had the funniest conversation about corn the other day
pete: you mean about how goverment subsidies were creating an artificial surplus?
me: no, about how I love canned corn, and also, pooping
pete: you are the poetic one
me: yes I am