Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update, October

Life happens so fast now.
1) Michael and I broke up immediately after moving into our new house, which is in every way for the best.
2) My hand was forced and I put Onyx down earlier than Michael and I had planned. I drink to the fucking bravest soul the world has ever seen, my best friend and love of my life. Onyx, life goes on like always without you but I'll never forget you and have taken steps to ensure that. Stinky still sleeps with your dog toys, secretly quietly behind the couch in his own silence. We all love you and hope your pain has ceased. O-dog for ever.
3) Dating someone new, who knows how that will turn out. Life is unpredictable which is easy to say now but it's hard to stop planning.

A word on the recent economic shock waves.
BRING IT ON. I hope to god the economy is quickly destroyed and leaves room for a new synthesis.
Anarchy? Anyone?
More to say on that later, working out a couple different papers in my brain right now and it inhibits it inhibits the free thoughts.

Notes on boys with beards:
Thank you, sir. If you are the last squirrelly intellectual I ever meet, I could deal with that.