Monday, April 9, 2007


for the news to be over.
So... I'm getting a little fed up with downtown. I want to be at Taps, on a Monday, every single day. I'm taking a few days off, I think.
I have this huge biology test tomorrow and thus far have not really been able to rally myself to care about it enough to really study.
I have this stupid thing going on at work right now, and it's becoming very consuming. What SHOULD I do about it! I think that's what is really making life so tedious right now. That, and downtown is such a meat market and I don't really give a shit about that yet. I make minor efforts but there is almost always something that immediately makes me hate someone right away.
Michael and I spent easter fixing our furnace, which had been broken for a few very cold days, and cleaning the house, which looks great. I re-organized the front closet made a new shoe-organization system, and also re-organized my books, general themes by shelf, starting at the edges and working in. Re-organized the reference volumes by subject and size.
Watched a really amazing Jonestown Massacre special on PBS tonight, it was incredible. I really didn't know anything about it in the first place. Such an upsetting story! We taped it, so I'll be watching it again.
Oh my gosh, I think on the news I just saw a puppy with his back paws cut off!
Skeletor is beginning to go outside. He's still very scared of it and I get quite worried for him. He's afraid of the dark, so I get very concerned when he's stuck outside at night.
He still spends his nights with me. He's my protector! Right now he's sleeping on top of a pile of clothes on my dresser and stretching out like a king.

Useful tool of the day:
wine key.