Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ooooh digestion

I thought I'd take a minor break from the horrendously boring digestive system (after I ate some delicious nachos.... you know, hands on learning), have a beer, and write a blog. And then maybe enter some poetry in the the other blog perhaps?

So, last night was Liz's birthday party at Ohm, which was fun. I came in and Sam was there, excited to see me. I'm getting more used to him, I actually do like him. I just have a very hard time understanding him.

Also, Caleb came down, which was at first, incredibly awkward. I have had like, a mini crush on him for EVER. Since literally the day I moved in to 226 Miles Ave. I am so surprised after all the weird shit I said/did to/around him he was still willing to meet up with us. It did get better though and we had fun.

Haha, afterwards, Liz and Margret gave me a big lecture on how he was very handsome and incredibly nice and that I should, under no circumstances, mess up the chance to hang out with him. Margret said that if I did mess it up, she would still talk to me but be disappointed. Ah well.

Oh, also, the drunk neurologist read my palm, and was incredibly accurate about a lot of my personality traits... she also said that I would live an exceptionally long and healthy life. Goddamnit.

I have to go get groceries and really hope that Wegmans will not only accept my check but also let me write it for over so I can have cash for tonight! I also think I'm going to pick up some bleach and do some hair bleaching... and put some red and purple in it?
My hair is such an incredible awkward length and I really want to do something but I CAN NOT cut it. I have to let it grow. So, bleach it is.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dear Beautiful Days:

Yesterday I finally got out and got the front "garden" and yard cleaned up. What a relief! Now, if only there were some way to get the beer bottles from piling up... I need like, shrub cutters or something. I also need some fencing. I want to get the backyard trimmed down so onyx can cruise back there with the cats.
I'm incredibly tired today... The theory we have worked up is tha twe were all abducted by aliens.
Here are some pictures from yesterday.
mostly they are of skeletor, because he is the perfect cat model. meow!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

girls from ohio are crazy.

it is so incredibly beautiful today.
I hung my laundry off the back porch for the first time this season...
I think michael found a new apartment. That will be such a relief. My resolve is weakening a little bit. I think mostly it's because I really have no interest in anyone else... I have become so insular. I need to branch out and find more interesting people and places.
It would really help to have a little more money.
Over a week ago, my finger got slammed very hard in a door. It is still really hurting me and I'm debating what to do. It's very hard to work. I'm going to see how tonight goes, possibly go to prompt care on monday.
I'm a little lonely.