Thursday, May 3, 2007



So much has happened in very few days, and I haven’t blogged about ANY of it. Sunday: I worked. I went to the Magnetic Pull/Camp Camp show at Ohm, which was an adventure. I received two toy aeroplane devices that I think I left on the table. I met a man who lives above Caleb Micah Coy and he had been electrocuted! That was exciting. He had to go home early, though, because his skull hurt and maybe the aliens were speaking to him through his newly found electromagnetic field? I made the second part up, but it can’t be far from the truth. I also made up with Pete K. by giving him his very favorite alarm clock back, which I had Brandon wrap up for me. For this reason: I felt like Brandon would be a bad wrapper and also have something funny to write on it. He wrote on one side: See other side. And on the other side? “Here’s your clock. See you around.” Which was hilarious at the time. The wrapping job was also horrible. If you wonder why I’ve written that word so many times, it’s because I’m amused by it sounding like “rapping” and it’s funny to think about Brandon rapping while wrapping an alarm clock.
So after that I went back to Danielle and Brenna’s, where I am staying for the time being, until Michael Harrington can move out. I still go back to my apartment a few hours a day, but I can’t deal with the at night drink-a-thon, which always ends with me getting yelled at and placating one Michael Harrington. Done, Next.
I didn’t sleep well, and met up with said CMC for half price sushi, which was a very strange and awkward situation. Very hilarious. Went to Sound Garden after that and demonstrated my inability to use my words and also that we have opposite tastes in music (and comic books). Came back here after a shower and watched Metalacalypse with Brenna.
I can’t really remember what else happened on Monday. Oh! I went out to dinner with Michael which was okay. Spinach dip and cheeseburgers. No amount of estrangement can ruin that. Went home and fed the left overs to the humanimals and then came back here and watched 20 greatest Metal Bands countdown on VH1 classic. Also, a bit of Spinal Tap.
Overall, a metal day.
Yesterday, I went home around noon, napped and watched a little CSI:. Michael and I went to Brueggars. Went to Wegmans and bought some more cheese, some shampoo, two new toothbrushes. Purell, and lotion. (aren’t you excited??). went to sociology but skipped Biology to meet Margret at a Wine Tasting at Al’s (the other underground night scene says Alto Cinco Late Nite: buggers I say). Had a little wine and then went to the Dinosaur, where Margret had never been. Had fried green tomatoes for the fist time (highly recommended) and pork sandwich platter. We rolled ourselves back here and watched some cable television (including a ninja mythbusters, which margret declared the nerdiest thing ever, and I loved). I then went to CMCs to watch some James Bond movie which I hated but whatever..
This morning Liz L. woke me up and I just got to walk into the kitchen and ask Megan something! It was awesome. Then Brenna made delicious breakfast and then I went home to shower and see everyone and came back here and tried to study while Brenna practices the Blue album for the show on Saturday (which is going to be awesome). We are going to buy some shoes shortly.