Friday, January 5, 2007

slow day

Well, last night we ended up just staying in. m picked up a bottle of wine and we just relaxed with the cats. It was very nice.

Around 2:30am Dan came home drunk with some people and that kindof jolted us back into reality. This kind of thing is not by any means out of the ordinary, but lately it has been frustrating me a lot. I love Dan, but he has so little respect for the apartment and for us. Over the summer we all partied together all the time but I'm pretty tired of it. Plus, that was when the weather was nice, all our friends were around.

Lots of things have changed since then! m and I went through a rough spot a while ago and things are just now starting to level out. It comes down to, I keep mostly to myself now. Our friends have all sort of changed, adjusted. There are now two other houses that deal with the party scene now, and those being people that used to come here. Our friends. Now it's always just Dan's friends here, or m's. I really like most of m's friends, they are almost all solid dudes.
We have a spare room, that we have declared a kind of safe haven for kids who have had to much to drink, or for people from out of town to stay. Anyone who needs a place to stay is welcome. m and I generally keep it up, as it is sort of m's room (we keep seperate spaces, which is nice for now, although this is also something I've thought about changing.) but lately it has been kind of abused.

Anyway, dan's friends come over and drink and are loud and in the morning there is beer on the floor, cans everywhere, kids sleeping on couches, etc.

I've pretty much come to the end of the rope. I want to see dan put some effort into the house.
It's a nice apartment.

grr. Anyway, my concern is that I'm going back to school in a few weeks and I want a place to be able to relax, get my work done, and sleep.
Too much to ask for?

I didn't make it to coffee or the test. The alarm went off at 10am and I was just so wiped out from being kept up, and I am also still pretty sick. Just wanted to get some rest.

Big plans for the night: clean up the room, take care of cats. Trotsky came home yesterday with big fight marks on him and a big gash over his eye, so he's "grounded." We're keeping him inside until he heals up a little bit. Skeletor, our little guy, escaped through a window we had open due to freakishly warm temperatures and got into a big fight earlier this morning. No real wounds that we can find, but he was roughed up and muddy.

If m gets out of work early enough, we are going to see Children of Men, which looks good. Bladerunner of the 21st century? yeah, we'll be there.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

My First Time.

First blog entry, very exciting. m and I are both going to use this blog, we'll see what comes of it.
going to fiddle with this and my google stuff a little more and then I think we're going to go up the street and grab a couple drinks. I am still sick and I'm really tired. Can't stay out late, I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm meeting John for coffee and then I have to take my math placement test at OCC. Fucking sweet.
We'll see if I can weasel out of it.