Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear John Joyce:

Yeah! Today I got the lip piercing I've been going back and forth about for a while now. I will post a picture as soon as I have one.
Anyway, it was easy and feels great now. I'm sure it will start bothering me eventually, but it's been almost three hours and not a lot is happening.
I always get so nervous about piercings, I don't know why. I started getting nervous today, and John was like, "hey, remember that thing we did on your arm? Or how about your nostril piercings." And I'm like, yeah okay. But I'm still scared of needles. But, it felt good as always and having some metal in my mouth for the first time is awesome.
Also, gave myself my fun summer hair cut today. It looks good. needs a bit of retouching. It's so cute, though, so I'm still struggling with whether or not I should bleach any of it.
Went to the mall to visit CMC today... briefly.
This is such a strange and awkward situation that I'm getting myself into and I'm right now trying to decide if I'm still involved because I like him, or because I like to figure stuff out and that that is more interesting than the actual person/relationship.
Here's the optimal man/lady: (paraphrased from a conversation with P.Hill)
Must like animals, children, and the idea of getting married...
Must be ideologically in line with me, because I find arguing about moral or theoretical standpoints boring. However, I do enjoying talking about issues in an agreeable way.
Would optimally be passionate about body modification, at the very least have and love tattoos.
Enjoy, and not be ashamed by my "disabilities"
Not ascribe to the typical ideas about success or achievement.
If it is a man, would be open and willing to grow a beard. Also, interesting facial hair arrangements, on my whims.
Must love food and cook well.
Is interested in moving to the country, going off the grid, raising our children as wood nymphs, and "owning" an organic farm.
Never raises the "mac vs. PC" argument, because clearly recognizes the superiority of macs. Also, Volkswagens.
Ok. I looked up the ACTUAL chat P.Hill and I had (cause I'm that much of a nerd... that's right, they're logged. Think about that)
so, I quote:
P.Hill: what are you looking for exactly?
Me: um, someone with good teeth, eyes that are not too close together, willingness to grow a beard but also to trim it. I would prefer that he had a child over one, but no baby mama drama.
can cook, may have the whimsical idea that he wants to move into the country and start an organic farm.
can in now way have any conservative tendencies at all
including any silly ideas about monogamy
must never say anything cliche.

I'm glad I'm not on a bus, singing anything.

I am hungry.

Love you.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Staying with Brenna and Danielle is still awesome. Last night there was a super sweet awesome Merit show, where they played the entire Blue album. I sang the whole CD also. It was Hans' birthday and he showed up.
I have to stop being a nerd.
Look at how cute this little mouse is.