Thursday, March 1, 2007

It's my party...

So, I had the worst birthday, ever.
The night of the 27th, I hung out with a bunch of my friends, which was really nice. All good dudes, would not have had it any other way. I was really stressed out and my ears were bothering me, so I was kind of just grumpy but it was so nice to have them around. Went back to Scott and Koala's house and we spent some good quality time.
For my birthday, John came over and dropped off some sweet presents (a pair of plugs, Porno by Irving Welsh, and a new long sleeve Scarab t-shirt) and I got to see him for a bit. That was nice! Then I went out to dinner with my family. We went to appeThaizing, which was exciting. I couldn't get anything really spicy because my mouth is acting up, but here's what we had:

Calamazing: some pretty good calamari, with a sort of tempura-textured batter (it was little heavy to be tempura, I'm not sure what it was). It was pretty good but a little cold. Served with a chili sauce (heavier than the other sauces)

These were called appethaizing rolls. I wish I had gotten a good description from the menu, but they were basically really good spring rolls with pork. These were the highlight of the meal. Nice light chili sauce on the side.

I had Pad Pak with beef for my entree. It was slated to come with a brown sauce, which I thought would be thicker but was basically water. Not a lot of flavor. The beef was also uninteresting, I think it was essentially boiled in the watery sauce (the whole thing felt boiled, not sauteed - too much water in the wok??). Also, I can not really respect any dish that comes with peas. Peas are the cheap filler of the 50's, and I hate it when people use them in dishes like this. Also, there were these weird grilled grape tomato halves, which could've added a nice acid but didn't. The bok choy was definitely the highlight of the dish (but I have such a soft spot for bok choy). The straw mushrooms tasted canned.

After dinner, we went to a lecture by Wade Davis, which was fascinating. It would have been way better if my jerk of a brother was not sitting next to me letting out heaving sighs and asking loudly when we could leave.
Fuck, have some respect.

I got a bunch of books, including two books that I got from the lecture.... Also, I received the necklace my mom and I designed to put the Hawaiian pearls in. Now, my mom, my grandmother and I all have necklaces from pearls we got in Hawaii. There's not a lot of stuff like that in my family, so that was nice.

When I got home, my car was missing. It had been towed. I have to go spend my birthday money getting it out of impound in an hour. Hooray.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Okay, I feel better.

Thanks, YouTube, for representing both sides of awesome.

Look dad, I'm being viral! (I think?)

That is amazing. Usually, I do not support wikipedia but if only they had used it! I found this also, it was on the video....
Also, I bring you: How to Dress Emo 2.0 and The Emo Kit. I have a white studded belt... but it doesn't fit anymore. Anyway, my NEW studded belt is all black... to match my soul. And my nerdy glasses are for READING. geeze.....
Just in case this ridiculousness bothers you as much as me... ;) *

*that emoticon is a disclaimer... meaning, please, do not blame me for giving you the instructions on how to slit your wrists, ever, and also, if you are a government agency, here is where I am saying "I am not responsible for that. I did not make anyone do anything!"