Wednesday, January 17, 2007

vintage mac games anyone?

Recently, I've been spending my days desperately seeking an OSX version of a game I played in my childhood called Star Runner (and also Crystal Quest, but Star Runner is the main prize). I thought for sure that it had enough cult appeal to be rebuilt.
I can't find it. Anywhere. Not even for 7.6.1 or 7.5.2. It doesn't exist anymore. I did find some pretty sweet quick time movies that brought back some old school memories.
I mentioned this conundrum to my father, who mention that HE STILL HAD THE ORIGINAL COMPUTER WITH ALL THE GAMES ON IT.
He has a few IIse's (even one system with the original carrying case!), but I'm going for the IIFX. Cause I like 'em wicked fast. Don't know what a IIFX is? Check out low end mac.
That's right. I'm just that nerdy.
okay, bye.

Monday, January 15, 2007

stoopid week

this week has been kind of weird and worthless. It seems now that there's a desk, m is all about the computer. Also, he just bought a video iPod. Great! yes. as you may imagine, that is now his girlfriend. I am just the computer manual. A friggen CUTE manual though.

I've just been getting reading for school, trying to get everything all organized and together. I got my classes all registered and set. I was really looking forward to taking a yoga class but they don't offer one. Okay. They offer ONE but it is on the friggen south side and during a day that I designated as a Work Day. I did get amazing class times, though. I was so worried I would HAVE to take classes in the morning but nien. I'm in school mondays 6-9p, Tues 2-7.30p, and Thurs 2-9.30p. sweet.

So, I've been looking for a job so I can have some of my own cash. Michael is so good about giving me money when I need it, but I hate doing that. Also, my mom has been paying stuff and giving me money and I totally appreciate it. so I'm not going to have to work too much, but I will have to work. Le sigh. There is time off, but no money to do fun things!!

I found an amazing volunteer opportunity. I usually do volunteer or activist work, and I haven't for the last 8-9 months or so, and I've been feeling pretty antsy about it. So the job is with Center for Community Alternatives (has a website, you can google it) as a mentor. It sounds really cool. It ties in really well with what I think I want to do.

IF THEY'LL LET ME. Lately, this whole no facial piercing, tattoos bit is making me crazy. I went to Eckerts the other day and I dealt with the most incompetent like, 14 year old girl in the pharmacy. Now, any of you who know me well enough will know that I firmly believe that Eckerts only hires the most exquisitely incompetent employees to begin with, but this girl took the cake.

The cake is gone.

But, it makes me wonder, does having this one little thing on my face or ink on my body make me LESS SUITED for that job? I have years of customer service experience and I can read. And answer a phone. Fuck, I can even field complaints and schedule. And add, and subtract. Weird, but true. They still won't hire me.

Their loss. One day I will own them. Or commit their children or something.


Anyway, I finally caved and put in an application for every scene kids have, DeWitt Wegmas.

Le Sigh.

David Letterman is on right now. I normally don't watch it. Does anyone else think that Paul should be killed? Does Letterman really need him? He adds nothing but a slick, gross, pompous undertone to the monologue. He's like, some weird queen from the seventies or something. One of those passive aggressive ones. That's like your grandma.
Does repeating what Letterman says HELP? No. It makes me homicidal.

Get out.
No, really.
Oh really?
Get out.

off to murder.

(band members should not do one liners.)